DAY/NIGHT Dual Stage Mania – Sept 28th 2013

RED I Racing’s Mark Samuels, Max Eddy and Justin Morgan take the Day and Night

Round 4 of the Get-Xtr-Eme Motorcycle Endurance Series – Purvines Racing Baja Challenge – Gorman, Ca – 9/28/13


-Red I Racing’s Mark Samuels (Pictured), Max Eddy and Justin Morgan went unchallenged for the overall after they took the lead early in the Day Stage.



For the first time ever 35 teams lined up for the dual stage, day/night, Purvines Racing Baja Challenge. Consisting of 4 hours during the day followed by 4 hours at night through the mountains of the Hungry Valley SVRA riders would get a little taste of what this years Baja 1000will have to offer. While many think of baja as “100+ miles an hour across the desert” more of the event actually consists of mountainous roads, sweeping turns, truck wide washes and lots and lots of trees and things to run into!

The first part of the day started at 1pm with all the teams lined up by class. The Pro/Pro 2Strokes were off first and the Blais Racing team was out front early with Skyler Howes on the bike. Pro Points leader Nick Burson aboard his Purvines Racing Beta 499 would start dead last after his bike wouldn’t fire on the green flag so he would play catch up from the very start. Before the riders left the unprepped Quail Canyon MX track the 3 Bros KTM team’s 300XC piloted Bryan Burch would take over the lead  and Burson would catch up to the pack and get ready to make some moves.

Once all of the rows were off and the riders were all out of sight it was just a waiting game for everyone in the pits. The first group would come back into sight off the 15 mile course after 20 minutes. The shorter course allowed for much more pit strategy and rider swapping so a few short minutes after the riders navigated the final trails in the valley the top 3 were in and so close you could throw a blanket over them. 3 Bros still held onto the lead, with Blais racing just 5 seconds back and the Red I racing team with Mark Samuels on board only 6 seconds behind them. The top 3 teams would elect to stay on the bikes and head back out onto the course that they are now familiar with and let the battle heat up even more!

-Pro Quad racers Jeremy Grey, Jose Torres and Quinn Harrison getting ready for the Baja 1000

The Open A battle would be a great one to watch as well with Ironman Josh Coffey out in the lead over AS Racings Austin Keys and Taylor Stevens running 4th and 5th overall the first of 10 laps. The Purvines Pro 2 Stroke Team of Axel Pearson and Tallon Taylor would not fair well on the first lap with Axel going down and breaking the clutch lever off but he would hold onto 6th overall after the first lap they would make up lots of time throughout the day.

The big news was that Burson’s bike had let go half way into the course – later it was found that an ignition wire came un-soddered from the stator! So team mate Justin Morrow had to follow the race course out to him, retrieve the wrist band and continue on a full lap down. The team would push hard to catch all the Pros who had gone through the pits already, pass all of them, get onto the lead lap and start to catch back up to them. They would gain 2 minutes a lap which by our calculations gave them ample opportunity to battle for the lead by the end of the night. The day would end early for the team when the second bike would have a random bolt back out on the case and lose its oil. “We didn’t want to risk getting stuck out there again so we called it a day.” Said Morrow at the finish. “We finished half the laps for the day so still got a finish but we’re really bummed we wont be able to race at night.” Burson’s bike which was still on the course was set up for the lights.

-Purvines Racing’s Axel Pearson (pictured) and Tallon Taylor took 2nd Overall and 1st 2 Stroke Pro after 275 miles of racing.

A little further back in the pack the Open Quads were doing battle. The almost all lady Blais racing team of Patty Blais, Andrea and Rachel Bossemer and Gilbert Davila would do battle with the TTR team of Bill Markel and Chris Peatross who have one all rounds so far. Half way through the race Markel would make the pass and run away with the day win and the team would take the Overall Quad victory leading into the night. The Blais team woud hold onto 2nd.

Up front the RED I team had made their move into the lead by the second lap with Samuels, Max Eddy and Justin Morgan putting on a clinic extending their gap to over 2 Minutes by the end of the 4 hour scramble. Now the battle for 2nd overall and the 2 Stroke Pro day stage win was on. The Blais team and Purvines team would go back and forth swapping positions almost every lap but it woud be the Blais team who would cross the finish seconds ahead of Purvines.

-Blais Racing’s Skyler Howes was putting down the fastest laps of his team aboard the Blais Racing KTM 300

The 3 Bros Racing 2 Stroke Pro team of Bryan Burch, Kevin Dejongh and Nic Garvin came throuh in 4th Overall followed by the the AS Racing Open A team who also took the Day Stage Class win in 5th overall. Just 3 minutes back was 2nd Open A and first Day Stage Ironman Josh Coffey followed by 1st Open B and 2nd Ironman Sam Bangert aboard his Blais Racing KTM 200. While Coffey would elect to only race the day stage Bangert would bolt on his lights during the 1 hour rest period and line up for the night stage looking to take the Ironman Overall.

Lining up for the Night Stage start riders would take off in 30 second intervals based on their Day stage finish. 23 teams got their light set ups on and were ready to do battle for the second 4 hours of the event and leading them off was the Red I team who would go unchallenged the entire event and would take the overall win by over 5 minutes! They completed 145 miles during the day and 130 miles at night making for one long race.

-4 Hours during the day followed by 4 Hours duding the night made for a very interesting racing atmosphere.

Next to start was the Blais Racing 2 Stroke Pro team just ahead of the Purvines Racing 2 Stroke Pro Team. The two would do battle all night long. Howes, Ben Meza and Brenden Crow would stay just ahead of Taylor and Pearson for 6 of the 9 laps but would finally get over taken. The Blais Team would stay within a minute all the way to the finish but wouldn’t be able to get back by. Purvines would take 2nd Overall and 1st 2 Stroke Pro extending their points lead heading into the finial round of the series.

A great battle for 4th overall was brewing all night long between the Open A AS Racing team and the Pro 2 Stroke 3 Bros KTM team. The AS Racing team was able to make up the minute they had lost on lap one and make the pass on the 3 Bros KTM team on lap 3 ad make it stick. They would take the Open A victory 4th overall and were over 9 minutes ahead of the next position.

Bangert would venture out into the night to try and take the Ironman Overall at only 15 years old. On the first lap he would come in with only a working helmet light. His after market stator ended up not being able to support the 8″ HID on the bike so he would have to make the entire 4 hours with only the Niterider. On the final lap the 3 Bros KTM team would follow him in to help him and they would both cross the finish line at the same time. The 3 Bros team would take 5th Overall, 3rd 2 Stroke Pro and Sammy would take 9th Overall, 2nd Open B and first overall Ironman.

-15 year old Sam Bangert took the Ironman Overall aboard his Blais Racing KTM 200 XCW
The 1st Annual, 1st Ever, Inaugural Purvines Racing Baja Challenge was a huge success. Without the help of all parties involved it would not have gone off nearly as smoothly so GXE would like to send out a huge thanks to all the course workers, volunteers, the Hungry Valley SVRA, the International Racing Rescue Crew, Purvines Racing, Mobile Race Radios, SRT, Cyclops Adventure Lights, all the teams that made it out and the entire GXE crew!

Season Finale – Christmas Classic Scramble/GP – December 14th-15th 2013 – The Ranch – Anza, Ca

Top 10 Overall

1. Morgan/Samuels/Eddy – HON – Open Pro
2. Pearson/Taylor – BET – Pro 2 T
3. Meza/Howes/Crow – KTM – Pro 2 T
4. Keys/Stevens – HON – Open A
5. Garvin/Burch/DeJongh – KTM – Pro 2 T
6. Markel/Peatross – YAM – Open Quad
7. Torres/Gray/Harrison – HON – Pro Quad
8. Gress/Denny – KTM – Open B
9. Bangert – KTM – Open B

10. Luundquist/Hudspeth/Wong/Flores – KTM – Open BComplete Results –

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