Finally Catching up! Day 6-16

Catching up after everything on Day 16!

Photos: Erek Kudla, Mark Kariya

Written in the Upton High School paring lot…


1Alright! So finally catching up! After the Idaho City qualifier I’ve been full throttle with the Snowville National Hare and Hound and getting ready for the National Enduro I’m racing this weekend…

So let’s start with Snowville… where to start… hmm. Well it was a TON of work but it went off amazingly! There were definitely hiccups, as there are with all events, mainly the club from SIDRA that was supposed to chaperon the event so it pays SIDRA points didn’t show up… at least I never saw them. The Buzzards MC from USRA were there in force helping make it happen, then it was just Ron Dillon and myself.


I showed up to Snoville, UT on Tuesday after staying in Boise through Monday hoping for my graphics to show up. The post office is such a pain… so went to Snowville and stopped in town – which consisted of a gas station and 2 restaurants – and went to the Ranch House Diner for some eats. Met some locals and had a good time hanging out. Spent the night in their parking lot getting ready to meet with Ron of Big Nasty LLC in the am.

Morning came and went and Ron was busy putting out fires all morning so we didn’t get started till 10am or so.  Ron showed me exactly where we were going to host the starts, finish, pits and I told him “get to work! I’ll set this part up”. I spent the next 2 full days getting everything within view set up while Ron and the Buzzards worked on their loops AND covered for the SIDRA club’s loop. They may have done some on it, but I’m not sure, I was out of that part of it.

Friday afternoon sign ups opened at 3pm after I spent the last hours marking the bomb and first 2 miles of the race in the pouring rain and we were off! Lots of entries rolling in. While sign up was going on there was an expedition hill climb with close to 90 entrants! Of course I missed it all… wah wahhhh… Good side is we had the largest turn out since the NHHA became promotional managers of the series at 477 total entrants. Definitely not a bad problem to have!

Up at 5am Saturday getting ready for the 1 day event. It’s always stressful when we have all the racing on 1 day but the nice part is it’s over and that’s it. Got everything rolling about 40 minutes late when the road into and out of the pits was blocked by people juts parking randomly and walking to sign up… good times. So once we cleared that all out we were ready for Banner up on the Pee Wee’s. I think there were 28, again the largest tun out for the class. We didn’t have sweep so I got Rick Nuss and Chris Boesen – both of DMC and the NHHA – to get at it. Really they were just standing to close and I put them to work.

Straight from the banner drop I ran to the scoring trailer to score the event. Then once the checkered flag was out I went straight back to the youth bomb, changed the start arrows, blew through the riders meeting and we had another banner down… then straight back to the scoring trailer for the hour and a half race. THEN as soon as final sweep was back I jetted with the banner and bull horn a mile and a half down the road to the big bike bomb run. Got everyone in a straight line, hosted an epic riders meeting then got ready for the largest bomb in recent years. 363 riders lined up in 3 rows all going for the same single track. It was definitely a site to see… if you could. The dust was INSANE.



Once all the banners were dropped I raced back to the scoring trailer moments before the leader came through on his first lap and then it was time to work on getting the youth results final. With a different parent asking me the same question every 45 seconds it took a bit longer then it should have but once I had a crew turning people around it was golden. Got the youths all squared and protest period done and the leaders were just coming through for the checkered flag.

This is where everything kind of hit the fan. The people doing the checkered were a little confused on if riders should keep going, then I had 2 different computers both with different times, then it was raining really hard and there was a lightning storm and yadda yadda… long story short I accidently closed the loop 20 minutes early, thinking we were closing it 40 minutes late. Jacked it up… but with the torrential rain very few people complained or noticed… so there’s that.


Once we got that out of the way it was time for the podiums. My favorite part of the entire thing. So we got the Pro’s up there first then alternated with Youths, then back to pro’s then back to youths… then I had to go back and finalize the results, deal with “protests” which 99% were just people that we missed in scoring which wasn’t a real “protest”  That took pretty much all night… especially when some one else was doing data entry during sign ups. Makes for a little bit of work on the back end. I actually ended up dealing with it all the way till Tuesday Night…

Spent the night at the race site hanging out with all the different crews – Grumpy’s, the Idaho crew and actually talked with the land owner who mentioned that the dog who was cruising around all race weekend was up for grabs if anyone wanted him… I’ve wanted a road dog for quite some time but it just wasn’t really in the cards.


5In the morning we were all taking out time loading up – AND before I forget I have to give a HUGE thanks to Scott Williams from SIDRA for helping with scoring, Meg Blackburn for helping, Kaitlynn Kirk, Lila from USRA for doing sign ups, Ron Dillon of Big Nasty LLC for hosting one of the most interesting and largest National’s of the season and everyone that lent a hand when they could tell mine were quite full – and I was thinking about actually taking the dog… but ONLY if he’s around when I’m ready to leave. After I was all done loading I couldn’t find him so I was over it. Walked around the van double checking that I didn’t forget anything and there he was SLEEPING under the van! hahaha… I went to grab one other thing and he got up and cruised away so I nabbed him and went to the land owners house to let him know I’m taking the pup and he said “His name is Rowlee… take good care of him!” and that was that! I now have a ROAD DOG!!!

From Snowville I set out to Riverton, WY to meet up with FMF Pro 250 racer Taylor Stevens as Kenda was shipping some tires to his house for me. FIRST STOP was to get some dog stuff! I had no food, no lease, nothing… so I hit the first Pet Co I could find and did it up. Well, got food, bowls, a leash and some treats to train him. He’s only 4 months old so he has LOTS to learn! which is awesome. My favorite part so far is that he’s never been hit so he doesn’t flinch for anything.

On the way I started noticing there were a bunch of “State monument” signs… I did need to take Rowlee out. He’s a “no leash” dog but I got a leash just in case and for places that mandate leashes and to kind of “train” him that he’s hanging with me. So I stopped at the next one. Take him for a walk off the leash and just practice with him. When I pulled over  the sign said “The Oregon Trail…” Like the REAL thing! I grew up learning about it, playing the floppy disc game and all that but now I get the chance to WALK ON IT!!!! WHAAAAA??!! So I stopped at a lot more. Took a lot more pictures and took an extra 2 hours getting to Taylors house.


I learned a WHOLE bunch on the Oregon / Morman trail and it was really cool.



Taylor lives on the Arapahoe reservation and his family are practicing Navajo’s which was REALLY REALLY cool! I learned a lot of interesting stuff about their religion and their practices, clans and all that. The Mosquitos though… man I got eaten alive while there! I was spraying myself to death but it was no use…

So Tuesday after the race, at Taylors, we had a Navajo Taco Tuesday hosted by his uncle Phil consisting of hand made flat bread and chilli… really really good! Afterwards Taylor and I suited up to go riding in the Wyoming desert. We were followed by his Dad in a UTV and I was thinking “ok, how are they going to keep up?” but man! they were on my butt the ENTIRE time! We rode around a few miles then his dad got super stuck. he called some help so we went riding on the other side of the highway… we really couldn’t go to far as there was a big lightning storm coming in so we hit some of his turn tracks then headed in.

Did some more work that night on the results, called it a night. In the morning I did some more work then got ready to head out to eastern Wyoming. Hit a few more Scenic spots and headed to the National Enduro. Once I started getting close I started seeing signs for “Devil’s Tower”… yes THE Devil’s Tower from Close Encounters of the Third Kind… So I HAD to go! I saw it. Yay. Then we headed to Upton.

Now I’m at the race site. All set up, put the graphics on that eventually showed up and have been just hanging with the pup, training him and running around!!! Not a lot more to talk about. Just getting to see some of the greatest scenery EVER with my new best friend for the next 10-15 years!


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