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While in Ohio GXE will be utilizing the amazing services of the KR4 Arrive and Ride Program. Arrive and Ride Team manager Fred Andrews, mutli time GNCC and MX champion, has been heading up the operation. Not only will GXE be renting a Race Ready KTM 300 XC fitted with Flexx Bars and all the other race amenities but that will also include full race and pit support. –

Grand National Cross Country Racing Series

In the mid-1970s, enterprising motorcycle race promoter Dave Coombs stumbled onto the small West Virginia town of Davis. Looking at the beautiful yet rugged terrain, “Big Dave” realized it would be the perfect spot to hold a motorcycle race. And best of all, it would be a tough one – an event only the strongest riders and machines could even finish. This was the way Big Dave liked it. He called the race the Blackwater 100– ‘Blackwater’ for nearby Blackwater Falls, and ‘100’ for the number of miles in the race.

Blackwater soon became legendary – deemed “America’s Toughest Race.” As Dave’s company, Racer Productions, grew, he and his wife, Rita, began holding additional 100-mile-long events, and the series became known as the Wiseco 100 Miler Series, and then the Grand National Cross Country Series.

Three-wheeled ATV’s were added to the program in 1983, and four-wheelers became popular a few years later.  Instead of 100-mile races, which often lasted five hours, the events were pared down to two hours for ATVs and three for bikes. The ultra-tough races were cool, but it really cut back on the amount of people willing to come try.

By then, the first stars of GNCC Racing had been born. “Fast” Eddie Lojak took control of the first bike GNCC title runs, dominating the field from 1980 through 1984, and then again from 1986 through 1989, for a record nine titles – a record that stands to this day for bikes.  At the same time, Ted Trey and Tom Tokay were emerging as the first ATV stars.  By the 1990s, GNCC Racing was known nationwide.  Blackwater reigned as the toughest event, until the town of Davis shut the doors on the event in 1993. But by then the GNCC Series was going strong even without it. This was the era of the “Great Scotts” – Kentucky’s Scott Summers and Ohio’s Scott Plessinger – as well as “Fast” Freddy Andrews, an aggressive pro motocrosser-turned woods racer. Meanwhile, Indiana’s Bob Sloan and Pennsylvania’s Chuck DeLullo battled for the four-wheeled title.

Summers became a hero to the whole off-road racing community, as his professionalism and public relations skills introduced the sport to a much larger audience. Summers became one of the first off-road racers in the U.S. to make a real living as a racer.

He wouldn’t be the last. Team Suzuki imported its powerful factory team into the series, led by Rodney Smith, another former pro motorcrosser who had won races all over the world.  When Smith, a Californian riding on a California-based team, signed on with GNCC, it signaled the emergence of the GNCC Series as the nations’ most prestigious off-road series.

National Enduro Championship

Since making some major rule changes a few years ago, the Kenda AMA national Enduro Series has quickly grown in popularity, bringing in new riders and rekindling interests of former riders. By doing so the series has returned to the status it held in the early 70′s as the nation’s top National Off-Road Series. Since it’s inception in 2005 the National Enduro Promoters Group has done an excellent job of keeping up with the needs and requests of the riders and has managed to grow both in resources and technology as the sport increases in popularity and entries explode.

Enduro Engineering

We started building high performance off-road racing products to fill the needs of local racers back in 1987. Now 24 years later we have grown, but still have the same philosophy, to insure that our products will stand up to the high demands of the top level racers around the world and the average riders alike.
-Alan Randt

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