Matt/Max Eddy Win GXE Barstow 200

2014 Purvines Racing Barstow 200
GET-XTR-EME – Round 2

Twin Brothers, and local Barstow Hero’s, Matt and Max Eddy Jr. came out victorious this weekend at the 2nd Annual Purvines Racing Barstow 200 Team Race Hosted by Get-Xtr-Eme. 4 laps on the 50 mile loop was definitely no small task with high speed sandwashes, twisting single track, narrow ridges, and more rocks then you could count but the boys handled it nicely. The battle got close at the very end when the AS Racing team of Junior Delgado and Austin Keys would pull to within 40 seconds just before the finish but they weren’t able to gget close enough to make a move and would have to settle for 2nd overall.

3rd overall was a much more surprising finish. The Purvines Team of Tallon Taylor and Curtis Bradley had gone back and forth with the AS Racing team and the 2 Stroke PRO KTM team of Ryan Kudla and Brendan Crow but by the final 25 miles it looked like they would have to settle for the bottom step of the podium until Bradley would suffer a broken chain. It looked like Kudla would be able to capitalize on the misfortune but would suffer a flat tire just after leaving the alternate pit at mile 20 and have to return to make a lengthy tire change. While all this was going on another Barstow brother team of Danny and Wyatt Modica would sneak into 3rd and while Kudla was fixing his wheel, stopping for Bradley to give his competition a master link and thinking he was solid for 3rd they would come in just 50 seconds ahead snagging the spot!

Finishing a hard faught 5th overall was the team of Robby Cockrell, who normally races a Pro Truck or Quad, and Nate Roberts making it 3 out of 5 teams from Barstow, Ca! Another team that would turn a lot of heads was that of 12 year old Mason Matthies, 15 year old Nick Colangeli and 12 year old Mason Klein. The team would be the youngest team to ever compete in a GXE team race, would complete 146 miles of the event and would take the mini win by default. Hopefully the National Youth Hare and Hound racers will encourage a lot more mini racers to join in the team race fun by setting the bar high and proving that it can be done after missing the final lap cut off by a mere 19 minutes!

Top 5
Matt/Max Eddy – 5:13:03 – KAW/HON
Austin Keys/Junior Delgado – 5:13:44 – HON
Danny/Wyatt Modica – 5:49:49 – YAM/KTM
Brendan Crow/Ryan Kudla – 5:50:42 – KTM
Robbie Cockrell/Nate Roberts – 5:52:22 – KAW/HON

Complete Results –

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