Purvines Dominates Inaugural Round

Morrow would make the pass at the first road crossing when Kudla would check up and he would settle into second for the first 25 miles. Morrow, Kudla and the SRT Pro team of Max Eddy Jr and Brad Pace would stay nose to tail all the way to check 2. The course would sweep around the mountain and into the much more technical canyons south of Stoddard Valley. Behind the Pros the Open A class was catching up starting just 60 seconds behind. The Blais Racing racing team of Brendon Crow, Ben Meza and Austin Keys would grab the holeshot and never look back. They would start to work their way through the field and into the top 5 where they would stay for the rest of the day.




Back up front Morrow would stretch out his lead to 3 minutes before handing it off the team mate Nick Burson who would continue to put on a clinic. Pace was catching up to Kudla as the course got more technical and a tip over would let Pace get by easily. Kudla still held onto 1st 2 stroke Pro, but not for long as Purvines Racing’s Axel Pearson was catching fast. After the alternate gas pit at race mile 36 Kudla would lose his buffer as he would stop for a splash of gas while Pearson and his big Clark tank had no problem making the full distance. Once the riders got into the virgin lava rocks just after the pit Pearson would make the pass and while Kudla would try to make some moves but could never get back by. Pearson would maintain the lead in the 2 Stroke Pro class even after trading off to his team mate Tallon Taylor. Kudla would pass it off to team mate Kevin Murphy and they would be able to stay in 4th overall taking 2nd 2 Stroke Pro on the day.


Back in the pack some great racing was going on with the Open B class where David Scorpini woud Ironman the entire 200 miles, have no problems and take the win aboard his CRF450x. He woud finish just minutes ahead of the Senior A Lost Coyotes team of Mike Whitcomb and Don Campbell. Both would suffer flat tires but would post fast lap times none the less and take the class win. SRT fielded 6 teams of racers and would podium in every class they entered! They finished 2nd Open pro with Eddy and Pace – 2nd Open a with Kevin Driver, Justin Linenbach, Matt Mills and Craig Thompson – 3rd Open B with Roger Flud, Colton Fowler and Jeff Kendall-Weed – 1st Open C with Jeff Garringer, John Mouldrin, Brandon Siefert and Jim Stokes.


The series wasn’t originally planning hosting Quads but with popular demand through series sponsor Team True Racing and some squeeky wheels (4 of them?) the class was added. 14 racers signed up, 3 pro teams and 3 sportsman teams. Interestingly enough the Sportsman TTR Quad team of Bill Markel and Christopher Peatross would be the only Quad to make the complete distance. Finishing the full 200 miles, finishing 1st overall Quad and 14th overall against all the bikes! None of the Pro Quads would finish the complete distance but taking first by way of attrition were the brothers Wayne Pierson – who was flown out with a broken knee – Greg Pierson and Robert Suprenant.


The inaugural round of the GXE series was a huge success and is only going to get better. Every racer who came out and competed is a true champion at heart for taking on something brand new. Pushing themselves and their machines to the limits over every different type of terrain that Stoddard Valley had to offer from fast valleys, rocky peaks, gnarly climbs and brutal canyons and more fast trails. For 200 miles, or at least as far as they could make it. Especially the handful of riders that participated in their very first race.

Another huge accomplishment was made by all of the event workers. They all put their faith in the series, showed up to support the brand new venture and made the event possible. Without them the event would not have gone off as well or at all. So we have to thank them all by name (in no particular order) – Adam Casper, Melissa Kudla, Ryan Kudla, Alina Leon, Loren Bollen, Jessica Evers, Cheryl and  Woody Taylor, Mitch Bangert, Sam Bangert, Doreen Bangert, G-Ma Bangert, Chris and Patty Blais, Bob and Linda Smart, Angela Leon, Scotty Von, Scott Simpson, Joe Miller, Daniel Seagondollar and wife, John Tayze, Tom Kudlick, Brian Keys, Jacob Micnha, Cody Marion, Brad Pace, Bill Baker, All the people that helped in the pits, the series sponsors, the teams that brought out all their racers… without all of you the event would not have been possible! Thank you again.


Complete Results – CLICK HERE

Next Round – RIDGECREST RUMBLE May 4-5 2013





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