2014 Event Rules and Regulations

UPDATED: 02/20/14


– AMA West Hare Scramble – AMA National Hare and Hound

– Team Race Class Groups – Team Race Start – Team Race Teams


– Series Rules – AMA Membership – GXE Series Classes

– GXE Series Points – GXE Series Number Designations – Official Backgrounds

– Transponders – Instant Results and Awards

– Series Standings and Championship Points – Pro Payout Structure



AMA West Hare Scramble

-AMA West Hare Scramble


– If you have a locally earned number you may run it

– Based on the AMA West Hare Scramble Supplemental Rules – CLICK HERE TO REVIEW – YOUTH SUPPLEMENTS

– SAT. Youth Hare Scramble / ATV Scramble

– SUN. Sportsman / PRO Scramble

– To Earn D37 Points you must have a valid D37 license

– ALL Racers earn GXE Points and AMA West Hare Scramble Points


AMA National Hare and Hound


– If you have a locally earned number you may run it

– Based on the AMA National Hare and Hound Supplemental Rules – CLICK HERE TO REVIEW



 Each rider will earn points towards his year end championship – MRANN Members must have MRANN License to earn points.



Barstow 200, Ridgecrest Rumble, Baja Challenge

– Team Race Class Groups, Teams – Riders MUST register the day of the event and be present at mandatory riders meeting to be considered part of a “Team”


-Team Races are combined into “Class Groups” – This way more people can team up with each other.



– Start by Class – Pro/Pro 2t, A, B, C, Industry, Quad,Mini/Woman, Family

– Dead Engine when staged

– Rows will be scored from the moment their minute starts



– Pro 1-3 Riders / 1-3  Bikes/Quads. Non-Pro 2-4 Riders / 1-4 Bikes/Quads. Ironman 1 Rider / 1 Bike/Quad

– Individual Bikes/Quads will display riders personal class number or temporary number.

– Riders may switch whenever they like, no minimum or mandatory distance

– Riders MUST register the day of the event and be present at mandatory riders meeting to be considered part of a “Team”

– Riders may ONLY switch within the Main Pit or Alternate Pit

– Riders must switch wrist band and be wearing it to be scored

– Wrist band will have a tag on it that will get marked every lap.

– If rider does not stop to get marked, or is not wearing the wrist band, the lap does not count as completed.

– Riders of different Skill levels and Age classes may team up HOWEVER only the rider of the top skill level and/or lowest age class will get points.

Example: A, B and C team up only the A rider will get points for their finish.

Example 2: Open, Senior and Master team up only the Open rider will get points for their finish.



-Rules and regulations will be posted here in more detail as the events get closer. We will be utilizing the AMA Rulebook as a base for our events.


-AMA Membership is only required at the National Hare and Hound – Reno  Extreme – otherwise there is no membership requirement.

-AMA Membership is available online by CLICKING HERE and will also be available at sign-up.


-Classes will be based on the National Hare and Hound break down as we will be hosting a National Hare and Hound in July.

-It is the riders responsibility to register in the correct class.

-Pros MUST be Pro or Expert in another AMA or Like Series (BITD, SCORE, ALTA VISTA Do not count)

-Experts MUST be Expert in another AMA or Like Series (BITD, SCORE, ALTA VISTA Do not count)

-Amateurs MUST be an Amateur or Novice in another AMA or Like Series (BITD, SCORE, ALTA VISTA Do not count)

-Sportsman are first time racers or Beginners in another AMA or Like Series. You MUST race atleast 1 Event as a Sportsman

if you are a new racer.

– PRO/AA, PRO 2 Stroke, 450 A/B/C, 250 A/B/C, 200 A/B/C, 30+ A/B/C, 40+ A/B/C, 50+ A/B/C, 60+ A/B/C, Woman A/B/C, Mini A/B/C, Pro Quad, Quad A/B/C


-Points will be awarded based on the AMA National Point Schedule. Skill levels will not be combined. You will be able to earn a championship in the A class, B class or C class separately.

1st – 30 6th – 15 11th – 10 16th – 5
2nd – 25 7th – 14 12th – 9 17th – 4
3rd – 21 8th – 13 13th – 8 18th – 3
4th – 18 9th – 12 14th – 7 19th – 2
5th – 16 10th – 11 15th – 6 20th – 1


-Number designation will also be implemented so they do not conflict with the National Hare and Hound Number designations.

-PRO/AA – No Designation – Red Background with White Numbers

-A (Expert) – Black Background / White Numbers

-B (Amateur) – Yellow Background / Black Numbers

-C (Sportsmans/Novice) – White Background / Black Numbers


– Designations based on National Hare and Hound

– PRO 2 Stroke “X” w/ Red Plate

– 251-Open – “H”

– 250 – “X”

– 200 – “A”

– 30+ – “V”

– 40+ – “S”

– 50+ – “M”

– 60+ – “R”

– Woman – “L”

– Mini – “K”

– Quad – “Q”

-Team Race Specific

– Family – “F”

-“Industry “I”


See below for formatting


-Official background supplier for the GXE series will be announced and you will also be able to get your own graphics printed.

-Rider MUST have official numbers on their motorcycle and will be given a temporary number if they do not have numbers on their bike.

-Riders displaying Non Sanctioned numbers will not pass “Tech Insp” and will not participate in the event.




-Pre-Printed backgrounds are recommended and you will receive a discount from GXE.



-Transponders are not yet mandatory $5.

-Riders will need to bring helmet to Sign-Ups to verify Transponder and transponder programming.

-Riders without transponder will not be scored and will receive no points.


-Instant Results and Awards will be available at each event so you can leave the race with trophy in hand.

-Awards WILL NOT be mailed. If you do not stay for the trophy presentation you must pick up the trophy

at the next event.


-Series Standings and Championships will be earned through out the season.

-Each Team Mate will receive Points Towards their Year End Championship.

-Championship will consist of 3 Team Races and 2 Solo races.

-All races count towards the Year End Championship.


Pro Payout Schedule – SAME FOR 2014 – at AMA Sanctioned National Hare and Hound and Baja Challenge there will be an updated schedule as there will be a different entry fee structure.

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