2018 Ryan Kudla ISDE T-Shirts / Donations



$100 – Name/SM Logo + Shirt
$250 – Name/Med Logo + 2 Shirts
$500 – Name/Lrg Logo + Logo on Bike + 5 Shirts!
$1000 – Name / Lrg Logo + Lrg Logo on Bike + 10 Shirts!

+ $7 Shipping and Handling

Choose a Size

>WOMENS SHIRTS (Sizes run smaller)


Thank you for thinking of helping me take on another ISDE! As you all know it really takes a village to make this thing happen and any level of support is greatly appreciated! To make things easier I have broken down different levels of support for inclusion on my ISDE t-shirt and bike. If you are interested on being on the T-shirt please have your donations in by early July so we can get everything printed and shirts can start shipping mid-July.

If PayPal is the easiest method of payment please select from the drop down menu below, BUT if you would like to make a donation and would prefer for them not to get a cut (they take 2% of everything donated) please email me at rakudla@gmail.com. Again thank you for coming to the site and thank you if you do decide to donate! 

For $100 you can get your name or a small logo on the shirt as well as 1 shirt.

For $250 you can get your name or a medium sized logo on the shirt as well as 2 shirts.

For $500 you can get your name or a large logo on the shirt and a small logo on the motorcycle as well as up to 5 shirts!

For $1,000 you can get your name or large logo on the shirt as well as a medium to large size logo (or multiple logos) on the bike and up to 10 shirts!

OR if you would simply like to buy a shirt please select Pre-Order and shirts will begin shipping mid July.

For all names or logos I will be getting in touch with you for artwork, or the name you would like included on the shirt. Thank you for helping me get to Chile!

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