Ryan Kudla Qualifies for ISDE Slovakia – Race Report

Idaho City 100 Race Report:

Photos: Greg McGrath

Video by Will BalesResults Posted RAK_1

We got on the road the earliest we ever have this year, and were in Idaho City Thursday night by 10PM. We were able to get a good spot right next to impound with enough room for my brother who would be up the following day. Friday morning even though I tried to sleep in I was up around 7 and got a good hardy breakfast in thanks to Greg, and by mid-morning I was looking to walk the tests and luckily Dustin Walcher was headed that way. By 7 that evening we had walked two tests for the next day and gotten through sign ups and impound and were eating a big pasta dinner. It was to bed early and up early for the first full day of riding!

We were up early on Saturday and even though there is nothing to do on the bike it’s still just impossible to contain the race day jitters. We calculated out all the times, got all geared up, picked our bikes up out of impound and were off the line! We slowly rode out of town and hit the first bit of 110 miles of single track before too long. About 10 miles in we came to the first test, which was a fast and rough one. I felt great at the beginning but about half way through when it started to tighten up my arms pumped up solid as rocks! I could barely control the bike and was trying to shake my hands out every chance I got. Everyone else I talked to had the same problem and I ended finishing second in my class in the test only a few seconds off of first.

The second test was another pretty fast test with come big steep descents with big water breaks in them. The most memorable moment for me in the test was coming down one of the big hills, going to wheelie over one of the water breaks and hitting it so hard that I felt my handlebars bottom out! That was followed by a 100 foot nose wheelie down the hill and luckily the rear tire touched down before I got to the bottom. Again I was only a few seconds off the first place time and by this point we had put almost 30 seconds on the next bike.

The next 3 tests which consisted of a roughly single track test, the grass track, and the enduro test all us riders between 2nd and 5th place had very similar times with Reid Brown pulling away in first. The only real problem I had was in the grass track where I had a little tip over in one of the corners and I slowed down before the actual finish as when I crossed under the sign I thought I was done but there was actually one more corner to go before the finish tower. I ended the first day 2nd in E3 52 seconds behind first and 22 seconds ahead of 3rd. I knew going into Sunday it was going to have to be another good day of riding!

Sunday started out slow for me in the first test like it always seems to. I was 4th fastest E3 in the first test giving up 5 seconds to the rider (Anson Maloney) who was in 3rd from the previous day. I came back strong in the 2nd test of the day which was the Enduro test and took the lead in E3 by one second and winning the test by 5 seconds over the next E3 rider. The other highlight of the day was winning the grass track in E3 by 5 seconds and extending my lead a little bit more. I felt great in the grass track on day two even though I thought it would be a great idea to bounce myself off a tree pretty good, which I heard someone got pictures of so I’m interested to see those!

We don’t get to see the times throughout the day so I didn’t know I was leading at this point and I just kept trying to push in all the tests. The 4th test we came through I knew would be one that Reid and Anson would excel at, as it was single track along the sides and up and over the hills surrounding the grass track. I dropped back down to 2nd in the E3 standings at this point, but I didn’t know that Anson had unfortunately had a mechanical issue that put him out of the race, so I came out of the test with the 2nd fastest time.

The 5th and final test of the day Reid put more time on us and I tied with the rider now in 3rd giving me 2nd for the day and 2nd on the weekend which is good enough to qualify for my second ISDE! I’m really excited and looking for another chance to get a medal at the 90th running of the ISDE in Kosice, Slovakia!

I have to thank all the people who got me here, my Mom, Dad, and brother, and especially my fiancé Alina for always pushing me to work harder and Greg McGrath for feeding me, driving most of the way, and just being an all-around awesome guy! I also couldn’t have done any of this without all the awesome sponsors that support me Piian Systems, Amsoil, 3 Brothers KTM, FMF, Jeff Petron D.D.S, Avik, Bullet Proof Designs, Moose Racing, Dirt Tricks, BetterDuck Racing, Leatt, Enduro Engineering, Fasst Co, GPR, TBT Suspension, Rekluse, VCMC, Performance Cycles, IMS, AME, Goggle Wipes, Scott USA, Sidi, GXE, Bell Helemts, Acerbis and RK Chains.

I will be selling shirts again this year, and we will have a design up shortly! We will also open up pre-orders at that time and we will be doing the same thing this year that we did in 2013 where you can donate extra to get your logo on the back of the shirt. The pricing break down will also be the same, it will be $100 for a small logo on the shirt, $250 for the next step up, $500 for a larger logo on the shirt and a small logo on the bike, and $1,000+ for one of the largest logos on the shirt and a large logo (or multiple logos) on the bike! I want to say thank you all who donated to my adventure last time and here’s to another fun time of fundraising!



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