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Introduction: Most of you know me, but if you don’t really quick intro. Erek Kudla here, director of the AMA National Hare and Hound Championship and the AMA West Hare Scramble Championship. Started my own off-road promotions company in 2013 – Get-Xtr-Eme or GXE for short – and hosted my own racing series for 2 years. Worked with the U.S. Desert Racing series in 2012 after winning 2 Open Championships there in 07/08. Speaking of which I also race when I can. I’ve widdled down my personal racing interests to Enduro’s of all formats and racing in Mexico. I finished 7th Overall in the AMA Western Checkpoint Enduro Championship last season – an Enduro series I helped create in 2010 – so I’m forced to race AA this season even though it was going to be my first year chasing the Vet title now that I’m 32… before that I was into Music. Punk specifically, but all forms of Rock and Roll to be more exact. Toured up and down the west coast and a little into the Southwest ect. ect… Music is STILL ha huge part of my life as you see if you follow me in any capacity on the interwebs.

To sum up myself in 2 sentences – I have a blast. All the time.

The plan is simple… sort of. With 2 NHHA promoted events – the Snowville National Hare and Hound and the Funky Chicken West Hare Scramble – both in the Northwest just 2 weeks apart it really made no sense to travel back to Southern California in between. Add the Idaho City ISDE Qualifier the week before and the Wyoming National Enduro in between and you’ve got a full month of racing to attend!



This idea actually came about while organizing the schedules in late 2014 and was ultimately the reason I bought the Box Van Upgrayedd (double D for a double does of pimpin’). After spending the beginning of the season getting it prepped, broken in and getting used to the new ride/home I’ve been getting ready for the long voyage! Early in the season I spent 18 days in the desert out of the van working the DMC National Hare and hound, King of the Motos, King of the Hammers THEN racing the 4 Aces Hare Scramble to wrap up the week aboard the  YZ250FX test machine, but nothing will compare to 33 days on the road covering 4200+ miles… SOLO!



First Thing is First – Getting Prepped: Interestingly enough my year has been on auto pilot for the most part. Having done this type of thing most of my life and full-time for the last fewyears it just seems like the planning and preparation just happens sort of.

Leading into the trip I had sold my personal KTM (my only bike actually) in hopes of getting a new one by the time the trip happens but that didn’t exactly happen. Both my bike prospects fell through and I was left with a pocket full of cash (only about enough to buy half a bike) and no bike to ride for the next few weeks. Luckily enough I have been working with Dirt Bike Test for the last few months and specifically race testing the 2015 YZ250FX so with the prospects of racing 200 miles in a single weekend in Idaho then heading to Wyoming for the National Enduro it was perfect finale for testing the Yamaha in different terrain and different stresses. In addition to that, we’ve been testing it stock (minus the skid plate, silencer and minor mapping changes) so this would be a great opportunity to actually Race Prep this bad boy! (Photos to come)

Kenda Tires – 90/100-21 Washougal II front 110/100-18 Millville II rear
Bulletproof Designs Radiator Guards
Enduro Engineering Skid Plate
Flexx Bars – 14 degree Woods Cut
Reflex Racing Hand Guards
Renthal Taper Compound Grips
FMF Q4 Silencer/Spark Arrestor
Dirt Tricks Sprockets
Regina O-Ring Chain
IMS 3.0 Gallon Tank
Avik Graphics Kit

Mods from Stock:
Set Mapping to YZ25F
moved bar mounts to forward position in triple clamp

Race Prep:
New Oil, New Oil Filer
Cleaned Airfilter
Checked Valves
Fresh Coolant (after straightening radiator)
Checked bearings and lubed

YZ_2 YZ_3 yz_1


So we’ve got the bike squared away now for the van!

The Box Van Upgrayedd has already put 11k miles on it this season and we’re looking at putting another 5k on it really quick. We have gone through the van a few times and have yet to find anything really alarming about the engine and tranny except of course the fact that is already had 212K miles on it… So this is definitely going to be an adventure.

The biggest thing added for the trip was external power! Meaning, when parking at a Camp ground or building or anything the van can be plugged right into the wall no questions asked! This is very exciting to say the least!

The next thing was the removal of any non-sponsor stickers. The van was bought used so it already had 10 years of memories from sponsors, trips and other event experienced by some one else – Barry Von Fossan – and now it’s time to start fresh with NEW experiences and current sponsors! Added bonus; Rust-O-Leum Gloss White Paint matches perfect.

I’m going to be living directly out of the van for the next 5 weeks so it’s got to be comfortable! While it doesn’t have all the niceties of a real motor home – namely running water – it provides all the needs of the road! Shelter, transportation, sleeping, storage, garage and movies for bed time! It even has a microwave for when I’m to lazy to set up the bar-b-q.

Upgrayedd Amenities:Van_1
Dinet / Bed
Tv/Dvd player
Air Tank
2 Way Radio
Tool Box
Solar Shower
Hot Plate
Solar Powered Lighting
On Board Generator

 The Expedition Broken Down:

May 30/31 Idaho City ISDE Qualifier – Boise, ID:  The trip starts May 27th – my mom’s B-Day – early in the AM hitting the road straight to Boise, ID where I have a friend accepting packages for the Idaho City Qualifier – Klim Gear, new Bell Hemlet, probably Graphics. Whatever doesn’t make it there will go to Wyoming where I have an address to ship things to there. I have to get to Idaho and be 100% ready to impound my bike Friday afternoon so I’ve given myself an extra half a day in case anything weird happens.

I’m going to try and qualify for the 2015 Slovakia ISDE in the E1 class. While I have no expectations I’m still going to try my hardest and going to push that YZ250FX as hard as I can.

June 6th X-12 National Hare and Hound – Snowville, UT: From there it’s south to Snoville, UT for Round 6 of the Kenda/Srt National Hare and hound Championship where Ron Dillion with Big Nasty LLC, the Buzzards MC and Bar 2 Bar racing are putting on the first National Hare and Hound in the are for over 20 years! I’m really looking forward to this round and will be there a few days early to help with final lay out and ride a bunch of the course.

I will be scoring and directing the event while probably also announcing and doing 3 or 4 other things… so it’s going to blast by.

June 12/14 Inyo Kara  National Enduro – Upton, WY: Being my first time in the state I’m really looking forward to this race! It is round 5 of the Flexx/Srt Western Checkpoint Enduro championship (West Chec) as well and it’s always cool to get to the really far rounds of that series and hang out with the hosts. For the most part, as director of the West Chec, I just put together the schedule and tell people to go. Then the clubs host the events and send results and we call it even! My family is an Enduro family so I push really hard to see them grow. While the time keepers – which I’m a HUGE fan of – are loosing numbers the Qualifier and National Restart Enduros are growing by leaps and bounds!

The only real bummer about this event is now that I’m a “AA” racer for West Chec I have to finish in the top 20 – against the national guys! – to get any points. While I will have a blast and try my hardest not sure if I will be able to pull that with my last National Enduro finish being outside the top 60.

Next begins the longest single haul of the trip back to Oregon at 23 hours.

June 20/21 Funky Chicked West Hare Scramble – Elkton, OR: Round 6 of the Kenda/Srt West Hare Scramble Championship hosted by ETRA has been touted as the “best one of the season” by lots of riders. Granted all those they say so are “woods” riders I know that we are all in for a HUGE treat being up in Oregon. ETRA has been working very hard with the Big K Ranch for many years to host this amazing event and I’m really, really excited to get up there!

I wont be scroing this event but I will still be directing and maybe doing a bit of announcing but mostly promoting the heck out of the event! Really looking forward to getting there a little early  to do some riding as well.

Wrapping up the trip right:

While I’ll now be in the Northwest I’ll be heading just 2 hours north of Elkton to Portland where LOTS of my childhood friends now live for one reason or another, catching a few concerts and just relaxing in town with friends before the few day road trip home!

That just kind of fizzled, but there will be LOTS of updates through out the trip so stay tuned at and follow @gxeoffroad on instagram and the hashtag #gxenwe everywhere all month long!!!

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