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IMG_20150527_0939515/28/15 – First blog post FROM the actual road. Everything went pretty well with getting rolling. Besides hitting every concert I could before leaving and functioning on all of 10 hours of sleep in 3 days when I was off it was good! Strange hitting the road for so long absolutely solo but after listing to a ton of music already I bought an audio book app thing and have been listening to Chuck Palahnuik books all the way up.

So far biggest snafu was with shipping stuff though. The memorial day holiday REALLY screwed up all my packages – my flexx bars showed up the night before I left leaving me to install them at 6am yesterday and my new Bell Helmet is taking an extra 3 days to get here and hopefully it gets to Idaho in time for the Qualifier… but thems the breaks and that’s why I brought my regular helmet. Just in case.

Also! Started trying to stay clear of using my GPS the entire time. It really helps me LEARN where I’m going as opposed to just following an arrow. AND I also am trying not to eat fast food on this trip. Local hot spots and grocery stores for me for the next 4500 miles.


20150527_210630The first leg was pretty boring as I travel it all the time but taking the 395 north was a MUCH better plan then taking the 5. On the way North I got to stop at all my usual gas stops and eateries – of course picked up Jerky from Mahogany Smoked meats… of course.

On the way North I had ordered some stuff from MX Trophies and it was to be shipped to Idaho that day so instead of all that jazz I made the 30 minute diversion and went into the hills above Carson, NV to head to their shop in Virginia City. I had never had the pleasure of being to that awesome little city OR visiting MX Trophies shop.  Nick Fain, owner and operator, gave me the grand after hours tour of their shop, showing me all the good stuff and showing how they will be explaining into a brand new shop with a gym attached and all kinds of cool stuff!

After finally catching some ZZzz’s I woke up and got to meet the people at work at the shop and then hit the road headed to Boise… Got into town 8pm (7pm Pacific time… but good times either way). Stopped at Ashley Childers to pick up packages that never made it then went for a night on the town in Boise with Ashley and her boyfried Jared Schlapia who will also be racing the ISDE Qualifier in the E2 LOI class. Both Ashley and Jared race the National hare and Hound and West Hare Scramble Championships.

AND THEN! I finally got to sit down and get to some work and get caught up on this blogging stuff. So hopefully people are reading it…

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